Greetings there friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. Today we are taking a look at the eyes of the pygmy goat. Pygmy goats are always family favorites when we set our petting zoos and installations. They are really small cute funny little buggers with hearty appetites. They also have the strangest horizontal pupils that I have ever seen.

I had always previously associated horizontal pupils with frogs and toads, but then I’m a city slicker so animals are always new and interesting to me. Looking at a pygmy goat’s eyes made me think about me own vision. It makes you want to look out of the corners of your eyes doesn’t it? I personally feels like I see things in circles like the shapes of our pupils. That makes sense to me seeing that binoculars and such are round. What I really wanted to know was if the pygmy goats view things in widescreen cinematic format or not.

Ok for starters, rectangle pupils can be found all throughout nature. The term we’re going to apply to this class of animals is called “Ungulates.” Ungulate is the scientific term for a hoofed mammal. Some ungulates like horses, hippopotamus and of course our pygmy goat here all have rectangular pupils.

Horizontal Pupil Mode Go

Now I was looking for a clean Spielberg 16:9 viewing aspect ratio to be the pygmy’s range of sight. I actually couldn’t have been more wrong. Turns out that a pygmy goat can see 280 degrees around their bodies. This does come at the expense of having a limited field of vision for things directly in front of them. Think of what they see as more of a panoramic picture.

A further look into ungulates tell us that you see horizontal eyes more in the herbivores that graze. It makes sense if your head is down more often than not for eating. They can keep an eye out on either side of them at both times. Have a couple of buddies in the herd turn sideways and you have surveillance in every direction. Everywhere but up that is. Maybe one day we will talk about why predators like big cats and reptiles have vertical pupils.

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