Greetings dear friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. Seeing all of the great pictures come in from Houston just reminds me that we walk many different paths in life. Sometimes our paths cross but once. Other times we have a destiny to continue to see each other over and over again. Going to Houston reminds me just how meaningful people that cross our paths regularly are.

This blog was sparked by the lady riding the camel in this week’s picture. She is a reporter for a tv station in Houston, Texas. A couple of years ago she covered CTC Animal Rides for the news at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Expo. From that time till now everytime we’re in town she stops by and says hello. She had an affinity for one of our camels named Goober.

You see she probably is a lot like most of us in so much that wildlife isn’t a part of our daily beat. Lights, cameras, board rooms and meetings. We all have that as our reality, but when I see someone like reporter it reminds me how fortunate we all are to have friends like Matt who is a staple in the path that we walk.

Our Own Path

As 9-5ers we pretty live much on the street. Our lives are hard digital. We’re programmed for gym workouts after we get the kids to or from school. We regiment dinner after homework with bedtimes and alarm clocks. The people that cross our paths are what makes each day different and interesting. When you have an animal adventure in your path after weeks of that regimen it’s hard to find something more interesting than CTC Animal Rides.

It works the same way when you work with animals. We are always happy to see a familiar face when we set up at a facility or fair. We look forward to building relationships that last a lifetime. Those are the kinds of paths that are a blessing and can be counted on to deliver. Thanks for reading and thank you for crossing our path. Talk with you all next week, Cheers.