I guess no one really can identify when the wheel was invented, we all know it happened though. That moment man finally harnessed the power of fire? Epic, we all know it happened. What about the first time we climbed on the back of an animal partner and worked with them to do something better for the both of us. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the domestication of the Camel.

Before we really cut our teeth on this though we have to think of our own relationships and partnerships with animals and nature. Let’s go back thousands of years in our own little evolution. A time before we had city busses and jumbo jets and somewhere in Egypt the pyramid stones are just starting to stir under the reigns of the pharaohs. We were in tune with nature at this point.

Domestication Requires Respect

We weren’t deforestation or hunting to extinction. We needed the animals, they needed us and we all respected each other. This also facilitated our desires as both man and beast to achieve greater things. Fundamentally at their cores animals all have the same basic need across the board. Food, shelter, water, safety are all basic fundamental needs.

If you’re a camel and you can’t find a meal but a human will feed you, then you’re a happy camel. That’s pretty much how domestication goes, feed camel ride camel. Feed a dog and you can hunt with one, feed a cat and it will help you get rid of mice, you see we all help each other here.

The camel has been giving people a ride since at least 9000 B.C. some estimates say it may have been as early as 12,000 BC. Either way you don’t have to be a historian to bring our camel rides to your facility! Call or shoot us an email for more information today.