Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. This week I figured I would show you another little critter that we have available from time to time, the ring-tailed lemur. Lemurs hail from the Island of Madagascar. That’s in the Indian Ocean off of the coast of Mozambique. If you’ve ever seen the children’s movies “Madagascar,” the character named King Julien was the leader of the troop with the dance moves on the island.

That’s an interesting switch by the makers of the cartoon also. Ring-tailed Lemurs are social animals that live in small packs called troops. You see the ring-tails would have been more likely to have had a queen. They live in a matriarchal society. That means that they are led by the alpha or dominant females in the troop.  Males will take up with a troop but can move from troop to troop. A troop of lemurs can be as large as 30 animals but typically has around 15-17 members.

The Ring-tailed Lemur enjoys a diet of fruits, figs, flowers, leaves and insects, you know everything in the Madagascar Food Pyramid. 🙂 They aren’t great swimmers so they avoid going into water. Through grooming and a steady diet of sunbathing, they rarely soil their fur.

Ring-tailed Lemurs Have Moves

During mating season, male lemurs will wipe their tails with the scent glands on their arms and then waves them at each other while shooting each other the stink eye. I kind of equate that to watching the cheerleaders dance it out in the movie “You Got Served.”

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