Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. We are locked and loaded ready to begin the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Expo. In the coming weeks we will be showing you images and videos from that. It truly is a site to see. In the meantime let’s talk about something a little bit slower paced this week, the red footed tortoise.

The red footed tortoise hails from South America. Although it’s small enough to be held in one hand, it can grow to up to 16 inches in length and up to 11 pounds in weight. that’s pretty healthy sized shell back. This tortoise comes from South America. It lives in dry and wet forests, grasslands and savannas.

A Red Footed Tortoise Has To Grub

This tortoise is an omnivore. It enjoys a diet of plants, fruit, grasses and invertebrates. I’m sure at this vantage point there aren’t too many grubs that this little critter is likely to miss. They are diurnal which means they’re active more during the day so if the sun is bright anything crawling is in trouble LOL.

As with all turtles and tortoises the shell is a part of the skeletal system. That means that if your touch or pet them they can feel it. They have really powerful jaws but no teeth. The red footed tortoise will eat sand and it is believed that this aids in their toothless digestion process.

If you happen to be in Houston this month you can pop on over to the CTC Animal Rides attraction and ask a bunch of questions about all sorts of animals as well as how you can connect with us for your event. Don’t worry if you aren’t in Houston, all you have to do is give us a call and we can show you how to turn your event into an adventure.