Hello there friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. I promise you that this post doesn’t smell anywhere near as bad as this picture looks. As a matter of fact, this picture doesn’t stink at all. This is one of our skunks named Ziggy. People always call us for camel rides and we get a lot of calls for pig races. Our petting zoos and animal education facts are equally entertaining. Now our petting zoos don’t come standard with skunks so you don’t have to be worried about that at all. We do have pygmy goats, alpacas, kangaroos and a host of other small cuddly mammals.

We’re professional animal handlers. We have supplied animals for Jack Hannah, David Letterman, and even more recently we worked with the State of Wisconsin Lottery creative team. For us it’s about making sure we have a clean and comfortable setting for people and animals alike. I’d say it’s working out really well.

Petting Zoo Customized

When you contact us for your event or installation inquire about what animals we have available. Chances are you might run into a critter or two that you never see in a petting zoo otherwise. The possibilities are probably a lot more diverse than you’d think. Just ask old Ziggy here.

We will talk with you all next week!