Hello there friends and welcome to this week’s post about camel trees. Camel trees don’t exist actually but sometimes camels are all we see! It’s a matter of perspective. Seeing these trees cobbled together to form our favorite animal made me think, how large and small can a camel actually be or has been or will be, big as a camel tree?

When I see these trees forming the shape of a camel it made me wonder if there were woolly camels in the ice age? Turns out there were some really huge prehistoric camels. The ice age was around 25,000 years ago but the Syrian camel which is now extinct roamed the Earth 100,000 years ago. This camel stood around 10 feet at the shoulders and 13 feet over all. 

That camel was easily as big as a tree, all I can here is Conan the Barbarian yelling “Krom” and trying to ride one of these big ancient animals. An adult male bactrian camel of today is around 6 feet at the shoulder. Consider the long extinct Syrian camel to almost be twice as big as today’s camels. Now I want you to know that camels have very good memories. If they don’t like you then they remember you and why they don’t like you. Then watch this video of a smaller camel chasing this man. Imagine this camel 2 times as big, I think you’d need more than a hatchback to escape.

Baby Camel Tree

Then the camel tree made me wonder what was the smallest species of camel ever? The smallest camel of the camel family is this vicuna. It’s from South America and stands less than 3 feet in height. It looks more like a llama but is considered to be a part of the camelid category.

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