Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. We’ve spent most of the last week packing up the camels and making the trek from Houston on back up to the Wisconsin Dells. The Houston Livestock and Rodeo show was a great experience as always and there’s no shortage of interview requests for us and the animals.

That’s always a bit interesting as I was in a television studio just last week. Most of our readers haven’t had the opportunity to visit a broadcast studio and let me tell you, they are a lot smaller than one would think. You have the anchor desk flanked by the green screen for weather and a couple of stations for the reporters to work at. You have the interview wall and of course cameras and lights.

Television Eyes On You
It’s everything thing you would see on a behind the scenes kind of thing. Most of us are content with just hanging in the background, having a look and moving on. How would you take it if you actually had to be in front of the camera though? Would the lights and the cameras intimidate you or would you rise to the occasion.

Well if you haven’t had the pleasure of watching our owner Matt Schoebel step into what he was born to do which is teach people about the animals, buddy you are missing a special moment in time. Here is a look at Matt in his element. He is a master of his craft.