Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post! The time of the year is coming around again when we saddle up and head down to Houston for a month or so. The Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show kick off at the end of February and we should have some exciting pics and vids coming out of there this year. Now we’re from Wisconsin so we don’t have much of an idea what this grand event is, so let me try to give you some perspective on the show.

Think Summerfest, you know like Milwaukee has. Summerfest lasts for 13 days and is chocked full of bands to entertain the millions of visitors that float through. The Houston Livestock and Rodeo show lasts for an entire month and is just as big except with animals. It’s a national event that is as big as the great State of Texas.

Matt Teaching In Houston

You’ll frequently hear Matt say, the animals have their own personalities, just like you and I do and as we work with them on a daily basis, you have to respect how they feel. Understanding their care and comfort is just one part of what makes Matt such an awesome pro.

It’s one thing to understand the animals and their care. It’s a completely different thing to also engage humans. Matt’s animal presentations are flawless. Talk to him about any critter in our care and he knows their habits, their diets, their gestation periods, their animal classifications and what’s most important is he says it so that it is entirely relatable to the audience.

This is just a bit of what makes Matt and CTC animal rides a fan favorite and staple of the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show. Now of course tickets are on sale for that event but why wouldn’t you just bring our attractions to your event. Give us a call today and let’s create an event that will really leave people wanting more!