Frequently Asked Questions

While at events we field a variety of questions about camels and animals in general. We enjoy these questions and encourage people to ask them. With three generations and over 50 years of our family in the business, we have a wealth of experience that we love to share.

That said, here are a few of the questions that we’re regularly asked at events:

How long do camels live?

Some camels can live to be up to thirty years old while other camels live to be twenty years old. Our oldest camel lived to be well older than thirty. We find that the average age of a camel is about twenty-five years.

What do your camels eat?

When we’re at home on the farm our camels have a pasture to graze in. They typically eat simple grains and plants. When we’re out on the road they eat a mixture of hay, alfalfa and grains. We also have a sweet pea mix that they like.

How much do camels weigh?

A small camel weighs twelve hundred to thirteen hundred pounds. Our larger camels can weigh up to twenty-three hundred pounds.

How long can a camel give rides during a day?

It depends on the camel and knowing the camel to see when they are tired. We exercise our camels regularly. We have to keep them in good condition for riding. They are no different than humans when it comes to their need to be fit and in-shape for working. Once we see that a camel needs a rest we replace them and we always have a teammate waiting in the wings.

How many camels do you have?

We have well over 30 camels and about 40 ponies.

What question are you asked the most?

“What day is it?” Even if it isn’t Wednesday people still ask that when they see the camels. That Geico advertising campaign did wonders for the camel business!

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.