Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog. This week we are talking about camels in production. Camels are the earliest form of transportation. You could not tell mankind’s story without the use of a camel. These durable animals have been by our side from the very beginning.

Let’s go back to Noah, you know the guy with the big boat that brought every species in two by two for conservation purposes. We have all seen these movies. Every movie has different animals. Some have lions, some have tigers but guess what they all have in common, camels. Now it’s not to say that camels were all the rage 7,000 years ago but when you tell that story seeing a camel in the production gives you an exotic feeling about the illusion they provide.

The same thing is true about the nativity scene. It’s very cute and cuddly when the manger is surrounded by a couple of sheep. Things get infinitely more interesting when the three wise men show up. If you have a promotion that has CTC Animal Rides involved, 3 kings on 3 camels make one hum-dingier of an entrance.

Camels In Epic Productions

I just watched “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” for the 300th time last weekend. That movie wouldn’t have been as good without camels. Matter of fact I am sure it took a pretty big herd of camels to make the street scenes look visually interesting. As a person who used to work in Hollywood I can tell you, when they say go get some camels, they mean go get camels and a bunch of them (if it’s a Speilberg film that is).

From camel rides at zoos in the north to the Ark Encounter in Kentucky, all of these benefit from the addition of camels to take their productions over the top. The picture for this week’s blog is actually taken from our camels being used in an opera. That’s a “High Note” for us. Give us a call today and let’s see if we can cast a couple of our camels in your production.