Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog. For those of you who are new readers, we put a weekly blog that teaches really cool animal facts about some of the critters we work with day to day and week to week. This week we will talk a little bit about zebras.

As you may know zebra are recognized by their beautiful coat of fur! Their stripes are much like the uniqueness of human fingerprints. Though they all have stripes (whether they are black and white or brown) no two are exactly alike. Now I don’t know that this will help you identify one in a line up but if you spend enough time with one you’ll see the pattern differences.

Zebras are very social animals living in small-large herds. They feed almost entirely on grass though they will eat sparingly plants like shrubs, herbs, leaves, bark and twigs. They have a digestive system that allows them to sustain diets of lower nutrition.

A Zebra Will Hear You Before It Sees You

Zebras have excellent hearing. With larger and more rounder ears than horses, they can turn their ears in almost any direction. Along with their great sense of hearing is their eyesight. They are able to see at night though not as well as some of their predators.

The female zebra is also called a “mare.” Mares will give birth to one baby zebra or foal once every twelve months or so. She will then nurse said foal for up to one year.

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