Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. A lifetime spent surrounded by animals has both he and the staff at CTC Animal Rides has given us an extensive amount of knowledge on multiple animal species. This week we’re discussing the sloth.

Sloths are natives of South-America and live in the tree canopies primarily. You might see a sloth on the ground from time to time but it is a notoriously slow mover and usually is on its way from one tree to the next. The tree provides safety like Home Tree in the Avatar movie. Matter of fact a sloth is so comfortable in the canopy that they will even grow moss on their fur from sitting in the trees for too long. Excellent camouflage and we always know where due north is aye?

People think that a sloth can only move slowly and that’s a mistake. I would say that due to their slow and deliberate movements that a lot of people see them as peaceful and graceful. I also see people wearing I love sloths. They love them so much they ask if they can pet one or have a hug. That kind of question reminds me to think about how fast a sloth can actually move.

Sloths Have Earned Respect

Under no circumstances would we let anyone other than our professionally trained animal handlers touch the sloth. When they don’t want to be touched or someone touches them in the wrong place, they move fast, frighteningly fast. That speed can leave one to get nipped or worse by one of their 3-4 inch claws.

I find animals facts like how fast a sloth can move when he doesn’t like you entertaining. It’s the kind of thing that experience teaches you and these are fun facts that we share with people when we’re talking animals. Not everything is a warning but mutual respect is paramount for us, the animals and you. Give us a call today and let’s see how we can turn your event into an adventure.