Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog. Keeping with our theme of animal facts and education this week we turn our attention to South America and the cotton top tamarin.

Our little friend hails from the forests of South America. Their most recognizable feature is their namesake, the cotton top. These little creatures live in the trees for most of their lives. I guess it’s probably best as they are diminutive in stature and probably pretty low on the food chain. I mean South America has spiders big enough to take down this little critter.

These are some of the smallest primates on the planet and their average weight is about a pound. They live in groups that are called troops. A troop is made up mostly of males and is led by the eldest female. The cotton top is an omnivore who lives on a diet of fruit, insects and rodents. The cotton top also likes green plants eggs and tree sap.

Cotton Top Marks The Spot

The cotton top marks its territory by dragging its rear end down the trunk of a tree and leaving its scent on it. It will also rub its scent on its feet and climb up and down the trees with that scent on it. I mean they take the rear end seriously, when two opposing groups of cotton tops meet they display of aggression is to show each other their rear ends. That’s a mean bit of drama there lol.

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