I have to admit I was a bit struck by today’s picture when our owner Matt Schoebel sent it to me. A gentleman milking a camel. The words “just when you think you’ve seen it all” came to mind when I looked at it. We are all too familiar with cow’s milk. Some of us even prefer goat’s milk. Camel’s milk? That was definitely a new one for me. That meant it was time to dig a bit deeper and learn more about the subject of the camel dairy.

My first question was, “how long have humans been drinking camel milk?” Turns out there is evidence that this practice began more than 6,000 years ago. It definitely makes me wonder whose bright idea this was. When I say “bright” I’m not actually being facetious. 

I think this story begins in the dark ages actually though. You see animal milk consumption began over 7,500 years ago in Central Europe. The vitamin D in milk served ancient man in that region when the winter skies were upon them and there was less sunlight. These were the first people to build a tolerance to lactose and obviously for good reason.

Camel Dairy Bright Side

Back to the bright park of camel’s milk, it seems to be much richer in nutrients than bovine milk. It has more vitamin C, vitamin B, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium to be exact. There are well over a billion camels in the world. It only makes sense that ancient people included the camel dairy as one of the multiple uses for the oldest form of transportation.

Today camel’s milk is a white hot emerging market. The growth rate for camel dairies is quite impressive. At $10 a liter anyone who is into providing or consuming camel’s milk is taking it quite seriously.

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