Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post! This week we are talking about the Pygmy Goat which is a native of West Africa. It was developed from the West African Dwarf Goat which is mostly found in the Cameroon Valley. They were taken to Europe during the Colonial Era and brought over to the United States in the 1950’s.

Pygmy Goat colors can be gray, white, brown or black, let’s just say that they can be any barnyard animal color. It’s beautiful because of the natural colors of fur are always represented by the herd. There’s always a wide array of variety when you bring the pygmy goats into your facility.

Now why do they have rectangular eyes? This is something we can look at a bit more scientifically without getting lost in so many combinations. There is a predator/prey divide in the shapes of pupils and apparently this eye shape gives them a visual advantage. It’s a panoramic view for the one defense mechanism the pygmy goat has which is skedaddling!

Pygmy Goats Have Hops

Most people don’t think about it but goats are great jumpers. If they were basketball players you’d say they have “hops”, they’re capable of getting enough air to land on the hood of your Toyota (i.e. small car). They can swim too, these guys are all kinds of Johnny Weissmueller when it comes to getting in the water. I don’t think they would do much to an crocodile like Tarzan would, but hey with those panoramic pupils they will see it coming sooner and can skedaddle!

Fortunately for you the pygmy goat is better suited for cuddling with toddlers and munching on food than they are for tackling reptiles LOL. Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can help get your goat! Talk with you all next week.