Some people just have the show in their blood. I know I have said this about Matt Schoebel our owner before but today I have evidence. I was able to film Matt while he called one of his signature Swine Time Pig Races this summer. Of course it was packed full of pig puns that are paraded around people proficiently!

Now Matt has been calling these kind of races since he was a very young man. Most people don’t know it but he actually traveled with animals in a carnival for a while. Now if you say these things to Matt he just treats it like another day in the life of. On this particular shoot, he looked up and saw me then went in cold. The result is a veteran performance that always entertains the audience.

Matt is a throwback

There are more one-liners being thrown at you during the pig races than a Rodney Dangerfield show and I can appreciate that because it is a thrown back to a slice of Americana that is all but being lost in the shuffle of today’s digital landscape. The feeling of the Pig Races hearken back to the side show callers of the Ringling and Vaudeville eras reminding us that storytelling and the charm of human wit will always be the purest forms of entertainment and expression.

You won’t be disappointed when you bring us on to present our animals at your event, but don’t just take my word for it. Watch this video of Matt in action. Make sure that you call us for details on how you can bring our pig races to your event. We will talk with you all next week!