So an anteater a sloth and a tortoise walk into a bar together…. Where is this bar you might ask? Why it’s at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Expo in the great state of Texas. Now what you can’t see in said animal filled photo is the person who brought these critters to the party. You guessed it, Matt Schoebel and CTC animal rides.

Now the Expo is a world class affair. You might recall in a previous blog post where I equated this event to Summerfest in Milwaukee. Summerfest happens to be the world’s largest music festival, this one is bigger actually. Why just a couple of days ago pop startlett and rapper Cardi B set a concert attendance record at the expo with over 75k fans in attendance for her concert. This is definitely one of those if haven’t gone to see it you might want to kind of things.

I am not there but I can tell you that it probably goes a little something like this: This is our anteater which is a Tamandua anteater. It doesn’t have teeth, just a long sticky tongue which can be whipped in a fraction of a second. The tortoise is a red footed tortoise which hails from the continent of South America just like our anteater friend here. The tortoise can’t swim and that’s the largest factor from a taxonomy perspective between a turtle and a tortoise. Then we have a two-toed sloth which if you’re looking for a South American trifecta the sloth makes it a full hat trick.

Talk To The Animal Experts

Now I can tell you that there tons more facts that exist about this and every other species we are talking about in Houston, I honestly don’t do the presentation justice with my facts, you want to talk to our professional animal handling staff. They can quote you animal facts for days. What no one can tell you though is the temperment of the specific animal in front of you. They all have very different personalities but as a species their behaviors are quite similar. Like humans all breathe and eat but you and I are so different that we always have things to talk about. All other creatures on this planet behave the same way.

If you’d like to learn more about our animals and their behaviors and you aren’t in the Houston area, give us a call and we will bring the adventure to you! That’s all for this week, talk with you all next week.