Greetings friends! Back in May we unveiled the groundbreaking of our brand new structural installment, the pygmy goat bridge. After lots of planning and hard work we are thrilled to announce that it is finally finished.  No one is more thrilled than the pygmy goats themselves. Just look at them!

Unlike the fairy tale, there is no troll under our bridge. There is just a lot of extra room for them to hang out and exhibit their naturally curious, playful, and intelligent personalities.  These traits, along with their small stature, are what make pygmy goats the most common breed of goat to be kept as pets and in petting zoos. Who wouldn’t want to pet one of these guys?

Pygmy goats require wide open spaces as much as they require a shed for shelter and things that they can safely jump on. For their small size they are very powerful and are well known for their leaping abilities – something that has to be kept in mind when building enclosures for them. Some have been known to jump up to 4 feet high!

Pygmy Goat Proper Terms

Male pygmy goats are called bucks and females are called does or nannies. They come in a variety of colors from all shades of grey and caramel to simple black and white. On average they live for about 10 years and will only drink fresh water, so a clean water source must be available to them at all times or they will not drink. They also can’t be kept alone and require a companion animal, and it doesn’t need to be another pygmy goat!

They get along well with other goat breeds and even other animals. Humans aren’t the only ones that love them it seems. Our bucks and nannies are enjoying their new bridge and waiting for you to enjoy it, too. Got a question about an installation at your venue? Give us call and let’s see if we can help you out. Cheers!