Merry Christmas to you all. As you can see by this picture camels are a large part of the Christmas season. The story of Jesus in the Bible says that there were three wise men who followed the east star to the manger where Jesus was born. The wise men of course traveled to said manger via the world’s oldest form of transportation, the camel.

For us this is the perfect illustration of how CTC Animal Rides can turn your presentation into an adventure. The play in today’s picture shows CTC animal rides providing camels for a theatrical presentation of the nativity scene. That’s the wow factor, that’s what your event deserves to make it more than just a night.

Creative Directors Chose Wisely

Creative thinkers and directors regularly find uses for our animals in their programs and at their facilities. From zoo’s to arks where the animals enter 2×2, the production value we offer with animals can boost reviews and word of mouth. Live productions and videos that incorporate animals increase their visibility immensely.  

You don’t have to be a maji from Arabia following a star to take a ride on a camel and place sheep in a manger. All you have to do is give us a call and ask us how we can put the adventure in your experience. Thanks and we will talk with you next week.