Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. These captivating camels got me to thinking, “my that’s a nice coat of fur that camel has.” I wonder what camel fur is used to make, I mean for ancient humans fur was fur right? If it kept a camel warm it was good enough for you. I did some digging and what I found is that camel wool is used often and around us daily.

For starters, the words “fur” and “wool” aren’t actually interchangeable. Fur is the hairy coat of various mammal species and wool is the hair of sheep, llama and other ruminants (the dictionary strikes once again). So camels have wool. The camel has a coarse outer hair which is protective and referred to as guard hair. They also have a short fine inner coat which helps insulate them.

Now unlike sheep and llamas you don’t have to shear a camel. Camels wool is collected after shedding and through regular brushing. Then when you have enough of it, you can make “camel wool yarn.” Camel yarn is very light weight and protective from both hot and cold temperature extremes.

Camel Wool In Action

Camel wool in clothing is either used pure or blended with wool. A lot of our daily wear is wool. Coats, jackets, socks, caps all wool and the finer hairs produce light and fine blends. Their coarse wool can be used for more rugged day to day items like rugs, and blankets.

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