Greetings friends and welcome to this week’s blog post. If you have been following along our last few blogs have been about how diverse our petting zoos actually can be. We’ve talked sloths and hedgehogs, tortoises and roos. We also have blackbucks available.

The blackbuck is an antelope that is found in India, Nepal and Pakistan. This herbivore is a bit smaller than some of the other antelope that we have. The blackbuck stands about waist high give or take. It will also max out at around 80 pounds in weight.

Males have darker coloration on their sides and back with longer spiraling horns. The females take on a lighter color, almost reddish brown. Blackbucks will hang out in herds of anywhere from 15 to 50 or so members. The gestation period for a female is 6 months.

Now the blackbuck’s life isn’t all fun and games here no no. Life is tough in India due to predators and loss of habitat. When this antelope is out and grazing it stays closer to watering holes and streams like most animals do. There’s also no shortage of predators that are keeping the antelope on its toes. At full gallop a blackbuck can move upwards around 50 km per hour.

If you want more killer animal fact or want to book us for your event, give us a call, you have questions, we have answers! Talk with you all next week! Cheers!