About Us

Greetings and welcome to the Camel Towing Company

The Camel Towing Company provides a unique animal adventure. We have been providing animal rides and entertainment since 1989. Our family has been in the animal entertainment business for over 50 years. Our fully insured Camel and Pony rides are a family treat at special events throughout the United States of America.

The Schoebel Family acquired the animal ride business in 1989. Led by owner operator Matt Schoebel a third generation professional animal handler, the Camel Towing Company has been providing family fun and rides for well over 20 years. With almost 40 years in the animal handling business, Matt not only handles animal rides but also is well versed in the handling of all animals, domestic and exotic.

With a lifetime of working with animals in entertainment, one might think that the day to day becomes tedious and repetitive. Operating the Camel Towing Company actually provides the inverse of that assumption. Watching the eyes of a child light up with wonder and excitement as they approach the camel is part of the energy that fuels our daily routine.

Here is clip from the Late Night with David Letterman Show. This clip shows our owner Matt Schoebel working with Hershey the Camel and Jack Hannah.


The Camel Towing Company regularly provides attractions at public zoos, animal parks, tradeshows and fairs. Our animals regularly can be seen working with the likes of industry spokesperson and celebrity Jack Hannah. Additionally we service attractions in Arizona, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Since 2009 we have been an annual staple at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in Houston, Texas. Tradeshows such as these give us the opportunity to interface with other professional animal handlers, industry leaders and families of all ages.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with courteous and accommodating service allowing you to rest easy knowing that your ride will be on time, clean and entertaining. We currently have over 35 camels and over 40 ponies. There is no event too large or small for us to accommodate.

In addition to camel and pony rides we offer Petting Zoos and Pig Racing. Our Petting Zoo includes baby camels, alpaca, llama, Painted Desert Sheep, Pygmy Goats, mini cattle and tortoises. Our Pig Racing presents 4 twenty-minute shows per day with 4 races per show. The pig races are set to music and include humorous banter, which is centered on pop culture and current events.

The Camel Towing Company also provides animals for a wide variety of non-riding events. These events include: parades, commercial and multimedia productions, religious and nativity presentations.

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